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Evergreen Area Republican Club

"Look forward and plan the future, but learn from and leave the past behind."

All Meetings

First Wednesday of the month

Doors open at 5:30 pm

Meeting starts at 6 pm

1802 Bergen Parkway, Evergreen

Evergreen Fire/Rescue

Administration Building

Our Mission

We love our Country, our State, and our beautiful community. Evergreen Area Republicans seek to inspire, educate, activate, and recruit citizens of Evergreen, Colorado and take our state back from one party control.

  • Protect the free rights of the individual

  • Protect the free enterprise system

  • Reduce government to the lowest practical level

  • Endorse and practice fiscal responsibility


Please see our candidate entries below!

We welcome member opinion input for our OPINION page. Use the CONTACT A CLUB OFFICER button to submit your text to the secretary via email.See links at bottom of site for other informative sites.

Action Items:

  • Be Informed

  • Volunteer

  • Vote

Our candidate for HD25

George Mumma Jr.

George is a proven leader and collaborative problem solver. He created the Juvenile Assessment Center in Jefferson County and served as the Morrison Chief of Police. He will bring leadership, common sense and balance to the State House. George will listen to and represent all citizens of HD25 while fighting for lower taxes, less government spending and the return to an academic focused education system which allows unlimited choices and options for parents and their children.

Our candidate for County Commissioner

Charlie Johnson

Charlie is strongly behind a conservative agenda including: improved roads, supporting and funding law enforcement and first responders, cutting property taxes and protecting TABOR, safe high-quality classrooms, and no sanctuary status for Jefferson County.




Upcoming Speakers

Colorado House District 30 candidate

Ramey Johnson

Aug 7, 2024 6pm


Colorado Senate District 16 candidate

Robyn Carnes

Sep 4, 2024 6pm


Jeffco Commissioner District 1 candidate

Charlie Johnson

Oct 2, 2024 6pm


Last Months Speaker

Joy International founder

Dr. Jeff Brodsky

Jul 3, 2024


prior speakers

  • 1/10/23-Kathleen Chandler, Independence Institute

  • 2/1/23-Dick Wadhams, former State GOP Chair

  • 3/1/23-Antonette Smith, Americans for Prosperity

  • 4/6/23-Heidi Ganahl, 2022 CO gubernatorial candidate

  • 5/3/23-Nancy Pallozzi, Jeffco GOP Chairwoman

  • 6/7/23-Erik Aadland, congressional candidate, combat veteran

  • 8/2/23-Antonette Smith, Americans for Prosperity

  • 8/30/23- Dr. John Witwer, former Colorado state representative

  • 10/4/23-Dr. Deborah Scheffel, Colorado State Board of Education

  • 10/11/23-Dr. Thomas Wicke, Jeffco Board of Education candidate

  • 11/1/23-Mike Beasley, 5280 Strategies

  • 12/6/23-Laurel Imer, RNC committee candidate

  • 2/7/24-Tom Tancredo, former US Representative

  • 3/6/24-Barbara Kirkmeter, Colorado State Senator

  • 4/3/24-Kevin Lundberg, Exec Dir Republican Study Committee of Colorado

  • 5/1/24-Sergei Matveyuk, Candidate for CD7

  • 6/5/24-George Mumma Jr, HD25 candidate

  • 7/3/24-Dr Jeff Brodsky, Joy International

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